Souvie™ Memorabilia For Sport Events


You are a football club and you want to offer Souvie™ Memorabilia (Souvie™) to your fans, for chosen home matches in the season.

You want fans to have access to photos and videos of the game when they scan Souvie™.

You want to offer variety of photos and videos to your fans, e.g. Photos of starting lineups, photos and videos of players in action, photos and videos of fans cheering.

You want fans to have lifetime memorabilia of the game!

Here is how it’s possible:

We supply you with Souvie™ for the games of your choice, based on your order quantity. We take care of the design, production, and delivery of Souvie™ to your club. These Souvies can be sold to fans as an optional addition when they purchase game tickets.

The price of each Souvie™ is 0.99€, plus the production and shipping costs of the magnets. We encourage you to sell them to fans at a recommended price range of 2.5€ to 5€.

With our cost of 0.99€ per Souvie™, we handle data storage, data transfer costs, and any additional data computing.

There are several key stages in the life cycle of each Souvie™, which is covered next.


We provide you with a personal account manager which will take your orders. Orders require information such as the event details (date, name, occasion), design preferences, order quantity, and delivery location.

You have two options for Souvie™ design:
- You can design it, and we'll incorporate Souvie™ QR codes.
- We offer multiple design templates that include your club's colors and logo

In addition we provide you graphic designer as a consultant.

Production and shipping

After your order is reviewed and approved, we initiate production collaborating with our manufacturers. The production and shipping timeline depends on the order quantity.

For larger events, such as 10,000 to 50,000 Souvie™ magnets, we recommend planning more than 6 weeks in advance. For smaller games, with 500 to 3,000 Souvie™ magnets, starting production 5 to 6 weeks before the game should ensure on-time delivery.

Providing (selling)

Once you receive the order, the next step is to distribute them to fans, typically at the game's entrance.

If you sell physical tickets, we recommend offering Souvies along with the physical ticket. For digital ticket sales, we suggest including them with the digital ticket.

Uploading photos and videos

After the game ends, collect photos and videos from photographers and transfer them to us. We provide guidelines for formatting photos and videos to ensure a professional look that aligns with your brand.

The content you collect is what Souvie™ is all about. We will consult with you and provide ideas for the exact type of content your fans will love.


Once the game photos and videos are transferred to us, fans will receive an email notification stating, "Souvie™ is ready for activation."

On their first scan, fans will be prompted to download and transfer photos and videos to their personal cloud album, which is an automatic process. Next scans will connect fans directly to the album.

The activation period lasts one year - the time each fan has to activate Souvie™.

Fans can also add their own photos and videos to the album, which will be accessible only to them, in addition to the content you provided.

Example: Croatia - Latvia

To get a feel for how Souvie™ works, we've provided an example. Simply scan a Souvie™ with your smartphone or visit the photo album linked here.

Design examples

Interesting facts

- Souvie™ is an innovative concept from Croatia, the home of football champions like Luka Modrić and Ivan Rakitić. Croatia, in its 30 years of existence, has made six appearances in the World Cup, achieving third place twice (in 1998 and 2022) and second place once (in 2018).
- Souvie™ was featured in article of Slobodna Dalmacija - one of the biggest Croatian media.

Next Steps

You can contact us to schedule a video meeting (via Google Meet, Zoom, or Teams), request Souvie™ samples, or place an order for your first game.

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